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One of several new projects I’ve been working on. (This will need textures at some point but thought I’d post it anyway.) Been playing around with Booleans more. This model is one true piece. Been fun exploring options I don’t normally use. (Thinking I may 3D-print this down the road.) Anyway . . . as always, hope you enjoy and thanks for the view/like!

(For the curious - Rendered in EEVEE with a quick-n-dirty cell-noise texture to help better show the form. Included a bit of ambient occlusion because I love the accented edges! Created simple 3D text for the title, positioned it and then parented it to the camera. Created a simple background plane, placed it sufficiently distant to not clip my model and parented it to the camera like with the text. That way, no matter how I angled the camera for these snapshot views, there would be a simple backdrop that didn’t require extra fiddling with . . . and it all picks up the same HDRI lighting info.)