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RI Slider Mrk2 LTD (WIPs)

[EDIT - fresh views on bottom]

Decided it was time to remake my sketchbook banner ship from the BlenderArtists forum. She’s not finished but getting there. Thinking this baby will be sweet when textures are completed. Been working on this for a couple months. First time making a ‘tub’ (cockpit) too. Long way to go still. Been using a Boolean workflow (HardOps makes this a lot easier IMO) to keep this one true unified object, minus the tub. The first image shows the original banner and the screen cap underneath is the new one . . . if that wasn’t already obvious. HA! I stripped everything off the original to get back to the base form. Then retopo’d that form and modeled everything fresh from there. The goal here was not to create a new iteration, because I already love this form, but a cleaner and more refined model of the original with new enhancements. Anyway . . . may be another several weeks before she’s finished but, in the meantime, hope you enjoy the Slider Mrk2 LTD WIPs.

* [FRESH NOTES - More views of my RI SLIDER Mrk2 LTD. Still haven't really done a true and proper texture treatment. Eventually. But in the meantime - I created some fun textures within Blender for it to help encourage me to get in there and properly UV-unwrap and see what I can do in Substance Painter (it's been awhile since I've been in there, too).

Anyway . . . hope you enjoy some fresh perspective and, as always, thanks for the view/like.